Windy City Carpet Cleaning provides Wilmette home, property and business owners with quality cleaning of carpets, upholstery, rugs, air ducts and office spaces. Whether the structure is residential, a sprawling commercial facility, small office or high rise building, Windy City Carpet Cleaning ensures service satisfaction and competitive pricing on a flexible schedule.

For frequent cleanings, seasonal refreshing, move-ins or move-outs, busy professionals and families in Wilmette know that Windy City Carpet Cleaning will provide exceptional service and results.

Wilmette Residential Carpet Cleaning

The process of residential carpet cleaning for your Wilmette home, condo or apartment starts with a pre-cleaning analysis. This analysis helps our professionals ensure they are aware of any problem areas and allows customers to get to know the team responsible for their carpet cleaning satisfaction.

Following the pre-cleaning analysis, the Windy City Carpet Cleaning team of Wilmette applies a pretreatment solution to loosen dirt and debris trapped in the carpet fibers. After pretreatment, high-powered extraction removes both the dirt and solution. Finally, our post-cleaning analysis is conducted by the Wilmette carpet cleaning team. During this analysis, they ensure you are satisfied and your carpets look and smell their best.

Residential Wilmette Upholstery Cleaning

Regardless of the time of year or season, a deep cleaning of your Wilmette home upholstery and removal of stains by Windy City Carpet Cleaning results in a fresh, renewed, dust mite-free and more hospitable home. Pet stains, dust, dirt, spills and smells are no match to our Wilmette upholstery cleaning professionals. In no time they can clean your upholstery and make your home look and smell as good as new.

Our expert team of Wilmette upholstery cleaning experts are able to clean all of your furniture and textiles. Sofas, arm chairs, ottomans, office furniture, drapes and more are easily cleaned and freshened using our team’s knowledge and experience. Microfiber, suede, cotton, leather, wool, and many more fabrics are returned to their newest, freshest state through our professional services and using only premium cleaning products.

Wilmette Area Rug Cleaning

Wilmette area rug cleaning professionals of Windy City Carpet Cleaning bring experience and a vast knowledge of area rug construction, materials and cleaning to your home or office. After all, regular professional cleaning of your area rugs ensures longevity, vibrancy of the coloration and protection of the investment your rugs represent. Our team expertly cleans Persian, silk, wool, antique, Oriental, synthetic, handmade, microfiber and other types of rugs, with care suited to machine-made or hand-constructed.

Exceptional area rug cleaning in Wilmette is only the beginning of Windy City Carpet Cleaning’s service provision. Our on-site experts can also identify ways you can extend the life of your area rugs, such as by adding rug pads, layering rugs or using specific methods to maintain your rug’s best appearance and condition.

Wilmette Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Whether your office or building requires monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual commercial carpet cleaning in Wilmette, Windy City Carpet Cleaning is the right provider for your needs. By keeping your office carpets clean, your clients and customers will gain that positive first impression so critical to sustaining your business.

With each of those customers walking into your Wilmette office each day, dirt and debris quickly build up in your carpets. Chicago weather certainly does not help in the continuing efforts to keep office floors looking great. Windy City Carpet Cleaning provides each of our Wilmette office carpet cleaning clients with exceptional service led by a free quote.

A FREE estimate for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs – whether residential or commercial – is only one phone call away. Wilmette’s best carpet cleaning team is ready to be of service at (312)498-0498.