4 Questions You Should Ask Any Carpet Cleaning Company

4 Questions You Should Ask Any Carpet Cleaning Company
Carpet cleaning is a science that incorporates many different fields, which range from organic chemistry to tapestry. It takes an incredible amount of effort to learn everything there is to know about carpet cleaning, and new developments only add to what a carpet cleaning company must learn.

This means that not every carpet cleaning company is capable of providing the same level of service. Their skills, equipment and cleaning methods will influence how successful they are.

Let’s explore four questions you should ask any carpet cleaning company to ensure they can provide you with superior results.

1. What Kind of Estimates Do You Offer?

Estimates are the cornerstone of any company that offers a service to another party, which in turn means that free and reliable estimates make for an ideal company.

You should always ask what kind of estimates a carpet cleaning company offers before contracting them to do any work. This will help you to avoid unfriendly and untrustworthy companies while ensuring that you know what companies you can trust.

2. What Kind of Methods Do You Use?

Carpet cleaning methods can be grouped into two major categories: maintenance and deep cleanings. The former removes dander, dirt, dust and other contaminants that may reside on the upper parts of the carpet. Deeper cleanings remove contaminants that have settled to the bottom of the carpet.

Chemical cleaners and lighter water treatments typically represent maintenance cleanings. Deeper cleanings typically require machines capable of depositing and removing water deep into the fibers of a carpet.

Know what types of cleaning methods a carpet cleaning company uses before you hire them.

3. Do You Offer Greener Alternatives?

Greener alternatives tend to be less traumatic on carpets and safer for the environment. This can put homeowners and business owners at ease.

Ask if a prospective carpet cleaning company offers greener alternatives. The presence of such alternatives can also be a display of heightened quality, which is essential for trustworthy and reliable carpet cleaning.

4. Is Your Work Guaranteed?

Guarantees are relatively common when it comes to carpet cleaning businesses. These protect you as a customer, and help to display how confident a carpet cleaning business is.

Insurance can be viewed as a type of guarantee. This helps to ensure that your carpets are left in an ideal shape while effects such as water damage do not occur.

Windy City Carpet Cleaning is Here to Answer Your Questions

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