5 Things that You Shouldn’t Do to Your Carpet

5 Things that You Shouldn’t Do to Your Carpet

Carpets are a sizable investment that are designed to pull your room together, add comfort, and establish a centerpiece that makes the aesthetics of your home’s interior come alive.

The problem is that they are subject to a large amount of wear and tear, dirt, dander, moisture and other unhealthy things. These things can degrade them by leaving stains, harming the fibers of the carpet, or negatively impacting the overall function of the carpet.

Let’s examine some of the things that you should avoid inflicting upon your carpet at all costs. This can help you get a better idea of how to keep it safe and beautiful, which in turn can vastly increase the usefulness of your carpet.

1. Letting Dirt Settle in Your Carpet

There’s a difference between superficial dirt and the kind that makes a mess all the way down to the deepest of your carpet’s fibers. The latter can cause odd smells, damage the overall integrity of your carpet, and leave stains that are incredibly difficult for even seasoned professionals to remove.

Simple tasks like vacuuming and sweeping your carpet will do a considerable amount towards preventing set-in dirt, but the only real way to prevent messes from setting into your carpet is to have it cleaned. We recommend cleaning carpets in room with heavy traffic at least one every two to six months.

2. Letting Your Carpet Stay Wet

Moisture is another carpet killer. It doesn’t matter if the moisture is introduced to your carpet via spills or cleaning itself, – prolonged exposure to moisture will harm the fibers and padding of your carpet.

Even if you let it dry after being exposed to moisture, there’s a chance that mold will grow in your carpet. These organisms can do everything from aggravating allergies to causing your carpet to smell like it was left outside for years.

To prevent these things, ensure that you remove as much moisture from spills as possible. When you decide to clean your carpet, ensure that you use a professional service like ours that uses minimal moisture and employs vacuum suction to remove as much moisture as possible.

3. Treating Your Carpet Incorrectly

Every carpet is unique. Some are designed to be far more durable and functional than others, while some may be designed to deliver a certain tactile feel and set of aesthetic values to your home by using more fragile materials.

This means that treating your carpet like every other carpet is a serious mistake. This applies to have you tread upon it and how you maintain it.

A softer carpet generally has looser fibers, which in turn allows for dirt to settle deeper given enough time and traffic. An aggressive cleaning approach can harm these fibers, which in turn can leave your carpet with frays that will inevitably lead your carpet to failure.

When you need to treat your carpet right, contact us at Windy City Carpet Cleaning. We have a plethora of experience when it comes to treating carpets of all sizes, shapes, ages and compositions. We can treat your carpet right.

4. Failing to Protect Your Carpet

The right measures will go a long way to preventing the accumulation of dirt, stopping excessive wear on your carpet, and keeping your carpet looking as pristine as it was on the day you had it installed.

A small rug at an exterior entrance leading to your carpeted room, for example, is one way to reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked onto your carpet. Rugs can be made of materials that “pull” dirt from shoes and feet while being easier to clean than carpets.

If you’re curious as to what you can do to protect your carpet, we can discuss this in detail to help your carpet have a longer, more fulfilling life.

5. Vacuuming Aggressively

Though cleaning your carpet via vacuuming is an essential part of maintaining your carpet, doing so in an aggressive way can lead to the fibers of your carpet getting destroyed. Larger vacuums will have more suction, which can remove more dirt while harming the fibers of your carpet.

A vacuum that is too small will lead to excess dirt accumulation.

The idea is to find a happy balance between the two. Certain vacuums are designed to be used with general carpeting while others have multiple settings for height, power and roller agitation. The latter option, while generally more costly, will lead to carpets that last longer.

The Trick to Keeping Your Carpets Beautiful is to Treat Your Carpets Right

When it comes to treating carpets right, it’s important to remember that vigilance combined with knowledge will keep your carpets beautiful, clean and functional. Given the investment most homeowners put into installing carpets, this adds value to your carpets.

To learn more about how you can better care for your carpet, or to acquire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company whom you can trust, contact Windy City Carpet Cleaning today. We specialize in working with a variety of carpet types using the latest and safest methods of carpet cleaning.

You and your carpet will be happy that you called us.

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