7 Smart Ways to Childproof Your Carpet

7 Smart Ways to Childproof Your Carpet

Keeping your carpet clean with small children in the home can be nothing short of an Olympic event. Even if you establish strict rules about not eating in certain rooms or crafting only in designated areas, spills, splashes and stains are still going to happen. From spilled paint and marker stains to epic diaper blow-outs, your little ones are sure to leave messes both large and small in their wake. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help childproof carpets around your home:

1. Consider buying a stain-resistant carpet.

When it comes to protecting your carpet against child-related damages, buying stain-resistant carpet may be the path of least resistance. There are a number of local and national manufacturers that supply carpets with built-in stain fighters that will last for the life of the carpet. These carpets feature specially engineered fibers that work by preventing stains and liquids from chemically bonding with the carpet. With stain-resistant carpet you can rest easy knowing that your little artist is no match for your stain fighting carpet.

2. Get a few area rugs.

Another option for protecting your carpets against child-related damage is to purchase area rugs. Area rugs are smaller rugs that can be placed over your existing carpet to protect the area underneath. For more coverage, you can purchase larger area rug for wall-to-wall protection. When selecting an area rug, go for dark colors or busy patters that can easily hide spilled paints or splattered juice. Remember that having your area rugs professionally cleaned on a regular basis can keep your home free of dirt, dust and other common allergens.

3. Use carpet squares.

Although carpet squares are typically used on hard surfaces like laminate, tile or hardwood, they can also be used in carpeted areas. These squares are inexpensive and can easily be swapped out if one becomes stained or damaged. This makes them perfect for use around small children. While carpet squares can be somewhat difficult to keep in place, thick rug pads may be used to help secure them.

4. Block off carpeted areas.

In some cases, you may find that your child is going through a particularly messy phase. The best solution may be to simply keep them from playing in carpeted rooms. Materials like laminate and hardwood are much more forgiving than carpet when dealing with spilled liquids. If you are hesitant to isolate your child from certain areas, a few pieces of strategically placed furniture can help naturally direct them away from those rooms.

5. Look for child-friendly mats and tiles.

There is a wealth of child-friendly flooring solutions available online and at local retailers. From large foam alphabet tiles to giant foam play mats, these over-sized items can be placed on top of carpeted surfaces to protect them during playtime. Whether your child plays in the family room, the basement or even a toy room, these colorful, kid-friendly surfaces can keep your child entertained and keep their mess off of your carpets.

6. Find some spill-proof cups.

Toddlers love their juice and it is not uncommon for them to pick up their cup and carry it around with them. If your toddler has a tendency to spill while drinking, a spill-proof cup might be just the solution you need. To ensure you are getting the best product, take some time to carefully read the reviews before making a cup purchase. Once you find one you like, be sure to purchase several so your child never has to go without one while the others are being washed.

7. Have your carpet professionally cleaned.

No matter how old children are, having your carpets professionally cleaned at on a regular basis can help you protect and maintain your carpets. In addition to having them cleaned annually, your carpets may need more frequent treatments to keep them looking and smelling as fresh as possible. Professional steam-cleaning treatments can also help extend the life of your carpet which can mean greater long-term savings.

Childproofing your carpets is easier said than done. If your infant or toddler is persistent enough, odds are high that your carpet will suffer from some type of dirt or stain. When this happens, having your carpets professionally treated as soon as possible can help reduce the chances of having permanent damage.

Brian Ferrentino