Why Does a Clean Carpet Sometimes Have an Offensive Odor?

Why Does a Clean Carpet Sometimes Have an Offensive Odor?

Carpets represent one fine touch that can make any business or home far more welcoming than a hard floor could, but they also come with certain challenges. Cleanliness is one of those challenges, as dirt loves to hide in the fibers of carpets.

What you may not realize, however, is the fact that cleanliness extends past what you can see with your carpet. Hidden messes and other problems tend to be the main reason that a carpeted room smells in ways that it shouldn’t.

Let’s explore some of the reasons that your carpet may stink before examining a solution to this offensive olfactory problem.

Why Does a Carpet Smell?

Just as messes can leave stains on the top of carpets, they can leave residue in the deeper parts of the fibers that make up carpets. Everything from the fibers to the padding beneath the carpet can have a certain amount of residue left.

This residue may, for a time, become dry. The offensive odor may disappear when this happens.

It’s when these messes become moist again that they become problems. This is the case with pet urine, certain types of dirt and spills involving liquids like coffee or milk.

The problem with these messes is that they are next to impossible for most cleaning methods to remove. A deep clean or one that utilizes the right detergents to break down these messes at the deepest of levels is the only way to truly remove them.

Another reason that smells may remain in a carpet that looks clean revolves around excess dampness. Certain types of carpet cleaning will leave the top layer of the carpet dry, but the deeper parts will remain damp. This allows weird smells to prevail while fostering the perfect environment for mold, insects and other microscopic pests to create smelly messes.

The last major reason that carpets begin to smell revolves around a lack of proper cleaning. While chemical detergents may break down dirt, bacteria and other microscopic elements will persist so long as the dirt remains.

As they use that debris for food, they will create waste. This creates the odors that are often offensive, which in turn leads to a problem that continues to fuel itself. The best way to prevent this is to properly remove the source of the odors rather than just trying to cover them.

How Can You Make Your Carpet Look and Smell Clean?

The best way to improve your carpet’s look and smell is to utilize a professional carpet cleaning service, which is exactly what we provide at Windy City Carpet Cleaning. We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools required to get the job done right.

One of the greatest advantages we provide to our customers is the fact that we don’t try to just cover up the problem or simply remove stains from a carpet. We remove the mess that embeds itself in the fibers of your carpet, which in turn leaves your carpet looking and smelling exactly like it should.

The most common way we accomplish this is through the use of steam cleaning. This minimizes the moisture that resides in your carpet while loosening dirt and other undesirable debris. We then suction the water and dirt, which in turn leaves your carpet clean.

We prefer this because, unlike certain chemical cleaners, it leaves your carpet protected from unnecessary wear and damage. This helps your carpet last longer while retaining that unique feel that it should have.

To learn more about why our clients trust us for their carpet cleaning needs, contact us by calling (312) 498-0498 or using the Free Estimate form on our website.

Brian Ferrentino