Controlling Allergies with the Right Type of Carpet Cleaning

Controlling Allergies with the Right Type of Carpet Cleaning

Allergies make for some of the most uncomfortable symptoms. They can make a person’s nose run, their head ache, make it difficult to speak, cause a lack of sleep, make eyes itchy and red, and act as the catalyst for many other undesirable health issues.

The worst part is that they can persist inside a home with a greater severity than they do outside. The reason for this revolves around the way allergens tend to enter the home before becoming sealed inside.

Let’s take a quick look at how having your carpet cleaned can dramatically reduce the instance of allergies in children and adults.

Why do Allergens Stay in the Home?

The first thing to understand about allergens is that they tend to be tiny particles that are impossible to detect by the naked eye. This allows them to hide in a number of places, which includes dwelling at the bottom of your carpet’s padding.

This small size makes them great at hiding and staying hidden. Movement through your home, which includes everything from walking to the use of an air conditioner, stirs these tiny particles. This allows them to shift within your home, which in turn allows them to aggravate the symptoms of allergies.

The worst part about allergens is that they are easy to enter your home, but they are awful at leaving. Every time a door or window is opened, allergens can infiltrate your home.

This means the only recourse against allergens is to remove them from your home.

How Does Carpet Cleaning Help Reduce Allergies?

The right type of carpet cleaning can dramatically reduce the prevalence of allergens in your home. This can reduce the symptoms of allergies, which in turn can make it easier for people to reside within your home.

Pet dander, for example, may effect individuals with asthma and other respiratory conditions when present in a confined space. This dander can settle at the bottom of carpets which in turn allows it to be stirred up when people walk on them.

Steam cleaning is an effective way to remove these contaminants from your carpet. The hot water dislodges the dander while adding weight to it. This makes it so the dander is inert and “heavy”.

The suction involved in steam cleaning allows the dander to be removed with the water. This reduces the incidence of allergens, which in turn makes it easier for individuals to breathe.

Not All Carpet Cleaning Methods Are Created Equal

The trick to reducing allergens by having your carpet cleaned is to use the right methods of cleaning. Chemical-based methods may be dangerous for your carpet, make allergies worse, and fail to remove allergens.

To get the right kind of carpet cleaning that makes allergies less of a problem, contact Windy City Carpet Cleaning by calling (312) 498-0498. We specialize in ensuring that your carpet is both safe and clean.

Brian Ferrentino