How Dirt Can Damage Your Carpet

How Dirt Can Damage Your Carpet

Stains represent a grave danger to your carpets. While they may seem to be aesthetic imperfections, they represent the equivalent of a wound for your carpet.

The damage that stains inflict extend past the discoloration of carpet fibers. The worst part is that you can’t see most of the damage that these problems cause until the damage is so far-gone that it is irreversible.

Let’s take a quick look at what happens to a dirty or neglected carpet to better understand why regular commercial carpet cleaning is such an important task.

What Happens When Your Carpet is Dirty?

Dirt, stains and other imperfections represent the presence of chemicals, particles and other problems that tend to be too small for the eye to see. They start as minor aesthetic problems that tend to drastically worsen as they are ignored.

Consider a carpet that has become dirty from snow being tracked into it. It may have a brown tint from the mud or appear “crusty” due to the presence of salt in the snow. This leads to the fibers of the carpet becoming worn as it is walked upon, which in turn leads to the inevitable failure of the carpet.

Portions of the carpet or the entire carpet itself may need to be replaced as the result of this damage.

Similar problems present themselves around the entire year. Dirt, dander and mildew can progressively wear the fibers of a carpet until they become shredded and undesirable. Drinks and other liquid-based staining agents can soak deep into the carpet to deteriorate the deepest layers for even more damage.

Insects and microscopic organisms can further this deterioration by utilizing the dirt and food present in a dirty carpet to live.

The Importance of a Clean Carpet

Much of the damage that can occur to a dirty carpet does so on a gradual basis. Dirt and salt take a number of years to fully deteriorate a carpet. Acidic drinks take less time.

Rather than simply making a carpet appear clean, it’s important to remove these contaminants from your carpet. This is the only way to safeguard against the damage that dirt, dander and other contaminants can inflict.

Covering up the problem with bleaching agents doesn’t remove the cause of your carpet’s dirtiness.

To ensure that your carpet is clean, contact Windy City Carpet Cleaning. We specialize in utilizing carpet cleaning methods that remove contaminants from your carpet, which in turn helps to drastically extend its life.

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Brian Ferrentino