Learn The Best Ways to Clean a Carpet

Learn The Best Ways to Clean a Carpet

A clean carpet is a pristine centerpiece that elevates the atmosphere of any room. It can comfort employees, customers and residents by simply offering the right texture and look.

The problem is that a dirty or damaged carpet can have the opposite effect; it can create an atmosphere that makes people defensive, wary and irritated. It can even create an environment where individuals may be put at risk for injuries.

The problem with dirty carpets is not cleaning them; the problem is cleaning them correctly. No one method represents a sure-fire way of cleaning every miniscule speck of dirt from any carpet, but there are alternatives that exist above others in terms of effectiveness.

Let’s take a look at some of the best choices you have when it comes to cleaning your carpet.

1. Vacuuming

Vacuuming is likely the most accessible and simplest way for individuals to clean their carpets, but not all vacuums are created equally. The type most consumers have access to are limited in terms of their applications because they are designed to remove dirt and debris that is only a fraction of an inch within a carpet.

Industrial vacuums, on the other hand, can be harmful to carpets when overused. The amount of suction required to remove dirt form the deepest layers of a carpet often coincides with the force required to rip carpet fibers out of a carpet.

When it comes to cleaning, vacuuming represents a method best used to remove light amounts of dirt that resides within the upper layers of your carpet. Other methods are best for deeper and more effective cleanings.

2. Shampooing with a Vacuum

Shampooing carpets is a viable method of cleaning them. The shampoo works as a detergent, which loosens the dirt and, depending upon the shampoo used, can help to kill microbial agents that can contribute to a smelly or dirty-looking carpet.

The problem is that shampoo often introduces harsh chemicals, water and other agents that can do as much harm as they can good. This is why simply shampooing a carpet tends to be a bad idea.

The best option when you shampoo a carpet is to integrate vacuum suction. This allows for excess chemicals and water to be removed, which in turn helps to protect both the beauty and the longevity of the carpet.

When ranked against other carpet cleaning methods, shampooing with the assistance of a vacuum represents an ideal method for cleaning light to medium messes.

3. Enzyme Cleaning

The use of enzymes represents a side-grade for shampooing. Rather than using harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers of a carpet and cause changes in the coloring of a carpet’s fibers, enzymes represent agents that can break down biological materials into less harmful substances.

Enzymes are ideal when you have a carpet that has odd smells, pet damage, food stains or other biological damage.

These agents work by facilitating the breakdown of these biological substances. Once they are broken down, these agents become harmless as the water bundled with these enzymes evaporate.

Enzyme cleaning isn’t for every carpet, but it is a viable method for carpets that may have been neglected or have to withstand the presence of spills, dropped food and crumbs on a daily basis.

4. Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning represents one of the safest ways to clean a carpet both topically and deeply. It incorporates warm water and suction, which in turn loosens dirt while removing the water that could cause potential complications in a carpet.

The best part about this method is that it does not have to incorporate chemicals or other substances that may have undesirable side effects. Warm water and suction tend to be enough to clean carpets and upholstery in general.

The trick to using steam cleaning effectively is to have both the right hardware and skills to use it. This means that the most effective carpet cleaning involving steam will come from an experienced professional.

In terms of cleaning, steam cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clean. It can clean light to heavy messes given the right amount of time and the right techniques.

No One Method of Cleaning is Perfect

The one thing to take away from this brief overview of the best methods for cleaning your carpet is that no one method is perfect for every situation. The most appropriate method will depend upon the age of your carpet, the materials used to create it, how it has been treated in the past, the amount of wear it receives and so on.

Don’t let the complex nature of carpet cleaning scare you from acquiring clean carpets that display extended lifespans. When you’re ready to have your carpets cleaned by professionals that you can trust, call us at Windy City Carpet Cleaning.

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