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 Windy City Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services – Blow Away The Dirt From Your Home

Windy City Carpet Cleaning knows how important it is that your house always looks its best for visitors, in-laws, and every other guest who walks through your doors. And no matter how carefully you clean your home, sometimes furniture upholstery, carpets, and area rugs need a little extra TLC to look and smell their best. Many Chicago homeowners are shocked to learn that a single ounce of carpet dust can contain more than 2,000 dust mites! Fortunately, our expert carpet cleaners can carefully remove every last speck of dirt and dust from even the deepest folds of your carpets. From obvious problems like pet stains or bad smells, to hidden problems like germs and dust mites, our Chicago carpet and upholstery cleaning services can get your house looking as good as new for any occasion.

What does Windy City Carpet Cleaning want our customers to know?

  • Our experts can clean all types of furniture, including sofas, arm chairs, chaise lounges, love seats, ottomans, office furniture, and more.
  • Our Chicago carpet and upholstery cleaning services can also treat various textiles and fabrics, such as micro fiber, suede, cotton, leather, wool, and more.

Chicago Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services — For Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall Cleaning

Our professional carpet cleaners can remove those particularly stubborn stains from spilled wine or a beloved but mischievous pet. We can also provide carpet and upholstery cleaning services for your entire home, helping breathe new life into all your favorite furniture, area rugs, and carpets.
Some of the carpet and upholstery cleaning services we offer:
  • Chicago Residential Upholstery Cleaners
  • Residential Carpet Cleaning Services
  • Chicago Area Rug Cleaning
Windy City Carpeting only uses the latest, professional-grade equipment to provide the most thorough, full-service cleaning. So if you’re interested in any of our Chicago carpet and upholstery cleaning services for your home or office, then you can contact us online for a free quote. You can also call our office at (312) 498-0498 and ask about any of our residential carpet and upholstery cleaning services. The Windy City Carpet Cleaning Team cleaning uses only premium cleaning products and the best equipment. Our professional grade cleaning machines reach deep into the folds, cracks, and crevices of your furniture to remove all deeply hidden and embedded stains, dirt, dust and germs. We remove the messes without causing harm to your furniture. Windy City Carpet Cleaning offers upholstery cleaning treatments for your sofas, arm chairs, love seats, chaise lounges, ottomans and more.Windy City Carpet Cleaning can treat all types of upholstery textiles including micro fiber, suede, leather, cotton, and wool.

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