Protecting Your Carpet from the Dangers of Excess Moisture

Protecting Your Carpet from the Dangers of Excess Moisture

Your carpet encounters many dangers each day. These can enact relatively benign but annoying effects like odd smells and temporary stains, or they can diminish the overall longevity of your carpet.

The most dangerous of these carpet hazards is one simple thing: moisture. This can cause carpets to rot, to make the fibers lose cohesion, to make it easier for dirt and debris to reside within your carpet, and to cause damage that you may be unable to see.

Let’s explore a few ways that you can reduce the hazards that moisture can present to your carpet by performing a few simple actions.

Keep Your Home Repaired

The simplest way to prevent excess moisture is to keep your home in tip-top repair. This means regularly weatherizing your home, repairing small leaks, and patching drafts as you become aware of them.

Something as simple as a crack in your floor can allow moisture to rise during the warmer months of the year. This allows your carpet to soak in excess moisture, which can destroy it from the padding up.

The worst part is that this can ruin your underlying floor.

By repairing problems while they remain small, you can mitigate many of the hazardous effects that moisture can have on your carpeting.

Dehumidify Your Home

One way to reduce excess moisture in your home is to remove it directly form the air. Homes with central heat and air conditioning systems excel at this, as they operate by drawing moisture out of the air to cool it.

The problem is that some homeowners stop using the same features that dehumidify their homes because of their concerns about energy costs. Using your home’s fan without the air conditioning allows the air to circulate, which can disperse moisture and prevent it from accumulating in the carpets.

Insulate and Waterproof Your Home

Another way to prevent moisture from accumulating in the fibers of your carpet is to seal it outside of your home. This can be accomplished by insulating your home and waterproofing it against the elements.

This includes:

Sealing leaks in the roof.
Caulking around windows, doors and other areas where small gaps may form.
Repairing damaged or decaying siding.
Sealing pipes and other infrastructure that may cut through insulation.

It’s important to realize that this will also keep moisture inside, which means that moisture that enters from beneath your home will often become sealed inside after you waterproof the exterior of your home. If you engage in this measure, make sure that every entrance that water could possibly enter is waterproofed and insulated.

Use Doormats at Doors

Doormats can trap moisture in their fibers while being relatively sacrificial. You can replace a doormat much easier than you can replace an entire carpeted area. The same goes for cleaning a doormat versus your carpets.

Place a doormat near every entrance of your home to help trap moisture, dirt and debris. This will keep your carpets cleaner and healthier.

Avoid Flooding Your Carpet When You Clean It

One excellent way to introduce a flood of moisture into your home is to clean your carpet using a cleaning method that douses it in water. These cleaning methods usually utilize detergents, which may make your carpet appear clean but seldom do a good job.

The reason this type of cleaning is so detrimental pertains to the way it deposits water. Rather than just soaking the fibers and removing the water like most steam cleaning methods do, shampooing your carpet will allow moisture to penetrate deeply.

This can result in moisture becoming trapped in the padding beneath your carpet, which in turn can leave your entire rug permeated with moisture.

Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Above all else, using professional carpet cleaning services can help to drastically reduce the amount of moisture in your carpet and the damage that this moisture can cause.

The reason for this is two-fold: a professional carpet cleaning company often can advise you of the tactics to employ to keep your carpet dry and healthy, and they can use safe techniques that actually remove moisture from your carpet.

At Windy City Carpet Cleaning, we employ a number of techniques that help to remove moisture from your carpet. This increases the overall longevity, provides a unique shine to your carpet, and helps to prevent damage that could make your carpet look or smell odd.

The best part is that our cleaning techniques work with almost any type of carpet. Our experience helps us to maintain this versatility while our cutting-edge equipment allows our technicians to employ effective and safe carpet cleaning.

Rather than settling for do-it-yourself cleaning or the services of a less-skilled professional, choose Windy City Carpet Cleaning for all your carpet cleaning needs. We specialize in delivering solutions that are effective for your unique carpet while maintaining a high degree of reliability and safety, which in turn helps your carpet look and smell like new.

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