Skokie Residential Carpet Cleaning

Windy City Carpet Cleaning provides expert service and customer satisfaction for quality residential carpet cleaning to which no other company or rented machine can compare. Our Skokie team of professionals work hard to ensure your carpets look, feel and smell their best.

Skokie residential carpet cleaning by Windy City Carpet Cleaning starts with a pre-cleaning analysis. This is a great time for you to get to know our team while they identify any problem areas and assess the best approach to cleaning your carpets.

Once pre-cleaning analysis is completed, our professionals apply a pretreatment solution designed to loosen grime, dirt and particles embedded deeply in your carpet fibers. After this solution is applied, high powered extraction can begin. Extraction is the process wherein all of the solution and dirt are lifted and removed from your carpet. When this step is completed, your carpets will look, smell and feel their best. A post-cleaning analysis ensures you are satisfied with our results.

Skokie Residential Upholstery Cleaning

Your fabrics and textiles contribute a great deal to the appearance, comfort and smell of your home. Windy City Carpet Cleaning’s Skokie residential upholstery cleaning specialists are experts in professional cleaning and quality service for all of your home’s upholstery.

Long winters and dusty environments can make your Skokie home feel, look and smell dingy, dirty and stuffy. This is a terrible representation of your home’s quality and all of the effort you put into keeping it clean. Freshen and brighten your home through residential upholstery cleaning by the Skokie team of Windy City Carpet Cleaning.

Pet stains, germs, dust mites and dirt are no match to our highly qualified professionals. Through our top-notch quality and service your home’s silk, wool, cotton, microfiber, suede and other fabrics will be clean, fresh and looking their best.

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Skokie Area Rug Cleaners

Everyone knows that carpets require regular professional cleaning to look, smell and feel their best. But did you know that area rugs also need regular professional attention and care? Windy City Carpet Cleaning is pleased to provide their expert Skokie area rug cleaners to ensure your area rugs look great, smell fresh and endure for many more years to come.

Your area rugs are a big investment. Just like carpets, they suffer the damage and dirtiness of dirt and dust accumulation. Stains, spills, pet accidents and other issues can also limit the life and beauty of your expensive floor coverings.

As top notch Skokie area rug cleaners, Windy City Carpet Cleaning professionals are ready to clean your area rugs of silk, wool, synthetic or other materials. Through our expert service provision your rugs will have improved color, texture and freshness for years to come.

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Skokie Commercial Carpet Cleaning

With long winters, heavy foot traffic and so many people bringing dirt, dust and debris into your office on their shoes, your commercial property carpets likely look dingy and dirty. In fact, your carpets can make the entire work environment smell stuffy. Is this the first impression your business visitors should receive?

Windy City Carpet Cleaners know how important it is for your carpets to look and smell great year round. If your commercial carpet cleaning needs are monthly, quarterly, annually or semi-annually, our Skokie professionals can develop a schedule suited to your property’s needs. We are expert in delivering exceptional service with top-notch carpet cleaning.

Whether your location is a small business, shopping mall, hotel, large commercial building or other type of operation, Skokie’s team of Windy City Carpet Cleaners look forward to serving your commercial carpet cleaning needs.

Call Windy City Carpet Cleaning at (312)498-0498 for a FREE estimate today so your business can again look great, smell fresh and leave that positive first impression your customers seek.