Three Things to Ask a Potential Carpet Cleaning Company

Three Things to Ask a Potential Carpet Cleaning Company

Experts recommend having carpets professionally cleaned about every year to year-and-a-half, and it’s for good reason. First of all, carpets get dirty. In fact, up to a few pounds of dirt can accumulate in and underneath a carpet over the course of a year. Furthermore, viruses and mold can form your carpet in the right conditions. All of these things together can make a carpet look dingy and dark (and in some cases, bad for your health), so it’s important to hire reputable carpet cleaning services every so often. There are over 40,500 carpet cleaning companies in the U.S. Here are three questions you need to ask potential carpet cleaning companies.

1. How are you going to charge?
This one is obvious — ask the company how they are going to charge you. Some companies charge per square footage, some charge per room. Companies might also charge different rates for different types of carpeting, if there are carpeted stairs in the home, and if you are getting both professional carpet and upholstery cleaning. Make sure you know all of the rates before making up your mind.

2. What types of rugs and flooring can you clean?
Another important question to ask — though this one really depends on your specific needs — is: what types of flooring and carpeting do they clean? If you have delicate natural fiber rugs, for example, you don’t want them treated with the same carpet cleaning machines what would be used to clean wall-to-wall synthetic carpeting. Some companies can also clean tile and laminate floor, so check into that if you need yours cleaned.

3. Can you provide me with any references?
This is true of hiring any service, but you really need to ask a carpet cleaning company for references. This is especially important since they will be entering your home, and there are so many things that can go wrong with a carpet cleaning (excess moisture, mold, etc.) It’s important to find a company that is comfortable giving references that you can call and check on.

What are some other questions that you think people should ask potential carpet cleaning companies? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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