Three Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Area Rug Looking New

Three Tips for Keeping Your Outdoor Area Rug Looking New

Spring is finally in the air, which means that many homeowners are preparing their outdoor living and entertainment spaces for use in the warmer months. Part of this is making sure that outdoor area rugs are in good shape and don’t look old, worn, or dirty after months of storage or weathering the elements. Using rugs outdoors is one of the best ways to create an intimate and interior-feeling space, and here are a few tips and tricks for cleaning area rugs and keeping them looking like new.

1. Don’t let mold accumulate
One of the worst things that can happen to an outdoor area rug is the accumulation of mold. This is obviously the risk of keeping a rug outdoors, but since they’re typically made of tough materials you can solve this by cleaning it. Use a bleach and water or vinegar and water solution to clean the rug, rinse thoroughly with a hose, and make sure the rug dries completely in the sun. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, opt for area rug cleaning services instead, that have the right equipment and knowledge.

2. Clean it often
Even if a rug doesn’t have mold growing on it, high traffic rugs still need frequent cleaning. Experts say that rugs in low traffic areas should be vacuumed about once a week and more often for high traffic rugs, and this goes for outdoor rugs too. Use a shop vac or some other commercial type vacuum. Indoor carpets should be cleaned professionally by residential carpet cleaning services about once a year, but carpets that experience a lot of dirt and wear should be cleaned about three times a year.

3. Store it in the winter months
Cleaning area rugs is a good way to keep them looking good lasting longer, but it also helps to put them in storage during the winter months. As soon as the weather gets too cold for entertaining and spending time outdoors, roll up your outdoor rugs and store them in a dry place for the duration of the cold and wet seasons.

Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping outdoor area rugs looking clean? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below!

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