Water Damage: A Carpet’s Worst Enemy

Water Damage: A Carpet’s Worst Enemy

There are countless dangers when it comes to carpets. Everything from pets to run-of-the-mill dirt can create smelly, crusty, tarnished carpets that take an extreme amount of work to repair or complete replacement of the carpet.

One danger, however, is less suspicious than the others: moisture.

This seemingly required part of cleaning can leave your carpet damp and vulnerable. It can directly damage the fibers and structure of your carpet in ways that will ultimately reduce its lifespan, hasten stretching, and require your carpet to be replaced.

Let’s take a look at how excess moisture can be introduced to your carpet and what damage it can cause.

How Does Water Enter Your Carpet?

There are many ways for water to enter your carpet: rain, tracked-in mud, humidity, spills and pet stains are just a few examples of how small amounts of water can be introduced to your carpet.

The commonality that each of these shares is the fact that they introduce relatively small amounts of water. While this can cause spot problems, it seldom ruins the carpet in drastic ways that result in catastrophic damage.

Cleaning is how large amounts of water enter carpets. This cleaning generally uses hot water, which in turn worsens the negative effects that this excess moisture can have on carpets.

While cleaning with water appears beneficial, it can do so in a way that is both ineffective and damaging. Shampoos, for example, tend to remove the top layer of dirt from the carpet so it appears clean. Deeper messes remain in the carpet, which is where the water used with that shampoo will eventually find.

Once this water interacts with that dirt, it can create unfriendly smells, discolor the carpet, induce stretching, and perform a long list of undesirable effects.

The point to realize is that an excess of water tends to be introduced by unfriendly carpet cleaning methods. These methods tend to be both outdated and unfriendly to the overall longevity of the carpet, which is why we recommend that most people steer clear of them.

What Can Water Damage Cause?

Water damage causes a long list of problems that can do everything from diminishing the presence of your carpet to ensuring that a prompt replacement of your carpet is scheduled.

Let’s take a look at some of the things water damage can cause:

Smells – Undesirable smells tend to be caused by water damage because the water activates micro-cellular organisms present in the deepest fibers of your carpet. This allows for organic matter to decay and enzymes like those present in urine to be activated.
Uneven Wear – Nothing makes a carpet less friendly than when parts of it become damaged. Excessive moisture can cause spot-specific damage that warps the carpet fibers, dulls colors and causes fibers to unwind.
Excessive Carpet Dampness – IF enough water is introduced to your carpet, it can make the underlying padding wet. This moisture can harm the underlying substructure of your home, which in turn can cause boards to creak and holes in your floor.
Carpet Stretching – Water can cause areas of your carpet to constrict or expand, which in turn creates an odd appearance for your carpet. If excess material is freed, it can create a hazard that can trip and injure people.
Loss of Texture – Part of a carpet’s appeal is its ability to provide a unique and comfortable texture. Water damage can ruin this texture as the fibers of your carpet become damaged or mold is allowed to prevail.

Other undesirable side effects exist when it comes to excess water, which is why it’s best to leave as little water as possible in your carpet after cleaning it.

What Can You Do About Water Damage?

The best way to treat water damage in your carpet is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Steam cleaning is an example of a water-based cleaning that uses little water while extracting the majority of any water left behind to ensure the health of your carpet.

If your carpet has already sustained water damage, then there may still be hope. Contact us to schedule an estimate to see how your carpet can be repaired by our world-class carpet specialists.

We can:

Perform carpet stretching to eliminate excess material
Recondition and restore limited amounts of damage
Clean your carpet to remove undesirable smells and to restore tarnished looks
Perform other professional-level repairs designed to revitalize your carpet without replacing it

We specialize in meeting the needs of our commercial and residential clients when it comes to carpets, which is why we excel at providing world-class carpet care.

To learn more about our services, or to learn about why you should choose our services, contact us by calling us. We will give you a prompt answer that helps to reassure that you are about to make the right choice by choosing our carpet cleaning services.

Brian Ferrentino