Winnetka Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your home’s carpets are a large investment which require both routine general maintenance and periodic professional cleaning to remain in great shape with color intensity, smelling fresh and looking beautiful. To last and provide for healthy living in your home, your carpets must be expertly cleaned.

Dirt, dust, stains, allergenic particles and so much more are embedded in your carpet fibers. Professional residential carpet cleaning by the Winnetka team from Windy City Carpet Cleaning removes all of that debris from your floors.

The first step in our cleaning process is to analyze your carpets for targeting of problem areas. We then apply a pretreatment solution to loosen trapped dirt and particles. Next, our high-powered extraction equipment is used to remove all solution and dirt from your carpets. The exciting part is when you see your beautifully cleaned, fresh and softer carpet at your feet. Our Winnetka professionals do not leave your property without first performing a post-cleaning analysis to ensure you are pleased with the outcome.

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Winnetka Residential Upholstery Cleaning

You work hard to maintain your home’s beauty, cleanliness and freshness. But cleaning your home is just the beginning of keeping it fresh and looking its best. To have a truly clean home, your upholstery and home textiles require routine professional cleaning. The Winnetka team of Windy City Carpet Cleaning is expert in providing top quality residential upholstery cleaning.

Whether your home’s fabrics include wool, cotton, suede, or other materials, Winnetka residential upholstery cleaning is performed with the expertise required to ensure longevity and the best results for your textiles. Sofas, loveseats, ottomans, chairs, dining and office furniture, and so much more can be cleaned by the professionals of Windy City Carpet Cleaning.

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Winnetka Area Rug Cleaners

When buying area rugs, homeowners know that quality endures. You pay a premium for a quality area rug, so why allow that rug to look dingy and lose integrity, causing diminished durability? Winnetka area rug cleaners of Windy City Carpet Cleaning are experts in cleaning of even the most delicate area rugs of wool, cotton, synthetic and other materials.

When the Winnetka professionals of Windy City Carpet Cleaning care for your area rugs, your home smells fresher and rugs look more beautiful. The expertise of quality area rug cleaners can never be underestimated for such big investments in your home decor.

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Winnetka Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Your Winnetka area business strives to serve its customers well. But when a customer comes into your location or building, are they truly gaining the best first impression? Are your carpets dingy, dirty, stained, showing high traffic residue or making the office smell a bit stuffy? It is likely time for a routine professional commercial carpet cleaning by the Winnetka team of Windy City Carpet Cleaning.

Commercial carpet cleaning by the Winnetka professionals of Windy City Carpet Cleaning returns your business flooring to a fresher, cleaner state which ensures a better impression on visitors and higher comfort of employees. After all, who wants to work in an office with an unpleasant dirty or dusty carpet smell? Whether keeping your commercial carpeting clean requires weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual or semi-annual care, our professional team is ready to ensure you receive the quality service and satisfaction your business deserves.

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